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Parallels in Resiliency


In my conversation with F (names have been initialized and changed to preserve confidentiality), a member of the Leadership Team (LT), I caught up on the important subject of the court hearings for the children.  The Home has received court letters regarding the children from four families so far, and the court has begun to hold hearings, which the Leadership Team from the Home has attended.  Because of the new law, there is now a powerful initiative to take children out of children’s homes and return them to their biological families.  LT is concerned that the families feel threatened by the courts when they hesitate to take their children back; LT thinks that the families are afraid they will be sent to prison if they don’t accept their children.  At present, the court requires children to stay in a children’s home for a maximum of two years.  Of course, most of the children in the Home have lived there for many years, some for most of their childhood, and the Home has offered a functional family for them – providing security, nurturing, quality education, and important relationships.  Therefore, leaving the home, while in some cases allowing them to repair a rupture with their biological families, will always entail a significant loss.  


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