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New Comments from my Infant Parent Mental Health colleagues:

Hi Alex,

I appreciate and agree with your blog post.  I work with many families who face this dilemma and many who experience reduced quality of life as they attempt to schedule a huge cast of helpers, many of whom will present conflicting advice in imperative terms, adding to the caregiver’s sense of being overwhelmed and frustrated.

I wanted to share this link, showing information collected by the Interactive Autism Network out of Kennedy Krieger, which shows results of data collected online from families across the US about the number of treatments modalities families are using.

The greatest number of respondents reported using 4 treatment modalities, but many families are using 5 and 6, with the highest number of treatments going up to 56(!).  

I was curious about your view of treatment modalities that place the caregivers in the role of interventionist.   What kinds of roles do parents in your practice take in the therapeutic process?  

Tamara, 6/17/2012

Another Comment: 

Hi Alex and all,

If I might add a third point to the two you listed concerning multiple individual specialists treating a child for a disorder in this case ASD or PDD (and for this point it doesnt matter if it is developmental or physicial) — they dont communicate with each other and/or with the primary care physician and so in the process care can be compromised with the left arm not knowing what the right arm is doing no less the medical home where all the reports are suppossed to go.




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