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Workshops for Caregivers

In order to learn about caregiving of children in care in developing countries, our team has been visiting the orphanage of Love and Hope.  As is typical in orphanages in CA, most of the children are not actually orphans but have families that are unable to care for them because of financial, mental health, or other reasons.  The children all have histories of severe neglect and maltreatment.


 Orphanage Caregivers attending Workshop 

In April, 2011, the team gave a second workshop to the caregivers in the orphanage.  Following a consultation model, the workshop focused the caregivers’ chief concern – discipline – but underscored by the message of the importance of the relationship.  Videotapes of caregivers setting limits in the orphanage were used to demonstrate successful limit setting techniques.  The caregiver’s ability to imagine the mind of the child was crucial to the success of the interactions.  Examples of the caregivers’ evaluations of the workshop included, “ I learned that it’s important to get at a child’s level, spend time with them, and connect with them first.” And “How to have a better relationship with a child and how to understand his situation.”


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